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How to detect the wear of the universal wheel


Author: LPHY –Professional casters manufacturer,

In factories, warehouses and other places where goods are frequently transported and the load is heavy (each caster carries 280-420kg), it is advisable to use a double volleyball rack made of thick plate stamping, hot forging and welding. Steel plate (5-6mm).

If it is used to transport heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories, etc., due to the large load in the factory and the long walking distance (each caster carries 350-1200kg), thick steel cutting boards (8-12 mm) should be used.

The rear welded wheel frame and movable wheel frame adopt plane ball bearings and bottom plate ball bearings, so that the casters can bear heavy loads, rotate flexibly, and have functions such as shock resistance.

Wear and tear is a concern. According to the production and research experience of Scottish caster manufacturers, in daily operation, the wear inspection of swivel casters can start from three aspects:

1. Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged.

If the parts are not damaged, they can be reassembled and continue to be used. If the wheel is often entangled by debris, it is recommended to install an anti-winding cover to avoid it.

2. Serious damage or looseness of the rubber casters may lead to unstable rolling, air leakage, abnormal load, damage to the bottom plate, etc. Timely replacement of the damaged casters and bearings can reduce the cost loss caused by the downtime caused by the damage of the casters.

3. Loose casters or stuck wheels can also cause "slip points". Proper maintenance and inspection, especially checking the tightness of the bolts and the amount of lubricating oil, and replacing the damaged casters, can enhance the rolling performance and flexible rotation of the equipment. gender.

Caster manufacturers suggest that companies strengthen the construction of cleaning systems. Reducing wear and tear is one aspect of maintaining industrial casters. On the other hand, we also start with ground conditions.

For some reason the ground conditions were terrible. After that, be sure to check for wear and treat accordingly.


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