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Furniture caster customization is a very convenient item


Furniture caster customization is a very convenient item. It is generally divided into movable casters and fixed casters. The two are also complementary to each other. In the process of use, both casters are used together. Industrial casters, just by the name, you can know that industrial casters are used in factories or machinery.

Industrial Casters:

1. The industrial caster manufacturer adopts a bracket produced by a high-pressure punch, which can be formed at one time and is suitable for short-distance transportation with a bearing capacity of less than 500 kg.

2. Different caster products can be designed according to the user's own needs and the size of the bearing capacity.

3. Not only that, but also industrial casters with different widths can be selected according to different use environments.

4. The selected industrial casters can be widely used in many industries such as factories, commerce, and catering.

5. Industrial casters are generally divided into two types: industrial ball bearing casters and industrial ball bearing casters.

The industrial caster riveting method makes the deformation of the rivet follow the natural flow of the metal, and will not affect the notch impact toughness and ductility of the material, reducing the risk of excessive tangential tensile stress around the rivet pier head, and the riveted material has no broken fiber flow. , can improve the bearing capacity of rivets. After the destructive test of the traditional hammering of swing cold rolling, stamping caster riveting and caster riveting, it is known that the joint strength produced by the cold rolling caster riveting method is about 80% higher than that of the traditional caster riveting.

After the cold-rolled caster is riveted, the rivets have almost no deformation such as bending, bulging, and thick piers.

The rivet head of the industrial caster riveting method is purely rolling on the rivet without sliding. The surface roughness of the rivet after forming only depends on the rivet head, and the surface roughness of the rivet head is relatively easy. Caster riveting method can not be compared.

The industrial caster riveting machine is more convenient and safe to operate.

Punch punching riveting often has vicious accidents such as flushing out fingers, and accidental injuries often occur during manual riveting, while grinding riveting is relatively safe. Although the spindle rotates, there is a feasible safety cover, and the contact surface between the rivet head and the workpiece is also small.


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