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Industrial casters also have a reserve function


LPHY Is a manufacturer that produces and processes heavy-duty caster wheels, plastic casters, and other furniture

Casters are widely used in almost any industry. Industrial casters also have a storage function. The workbench with storage function can be moved at will, which is very convenient. Kitchen grime can often be difficult to remove, but it's a lot easier to have casters, which you can push away with one hand and clean thoroughly. A cart with small wheels can also be used as a relatively fixed work area and can be used as a kitchen countertop.

Small wheels do not affect the appearance, and can also be integrated with the overall style.

The casters of industrial casters are divided into civil casters, industrial casters, etc. according to their uses; according to the load, they are divided into light casters, medium casters, heavy casters, extra heavy casters and special casters, etc.; according to functions, they are divided into universal casters, directional casters, and screw rods. Casters, brake casters (double brake casters, scaffolding casters), shock-absorbing casters, etc.; according to the material can be divided into conductive casters, iron core casters, plastic casters, stainless steel casters, high temperature casters, polyurethane casters, nylon casters, rubber casters, Full iron casters, etc. According to the bearing, it is divided into bearing casters, needle rollers, etc.

The choice of soft and hard caster material: usually the wheels include nylon wheels, super polyurethane wheels, high-strength polyurethane wheels, high-strength artificial rubber wheels, iron wheels, and inflatable wheels. Super polyurethane wheels and high-strength polyurethane wheels can meet your handling requirements whether they are running on indoor or outdoor ground; high-strength synthetic rubber wheels can be used in hotels, medical equipment, floors, wooden floors, tile floors, etc. It is required to drive on the ground with low noise and quiet when walking; nylon wheels and iron wheels are suitable for places with uneven ground or iron filings and other substances on the ground; while inflatable wheels are suitable for occasions with light load and soft and uneven road surface.

With the development of the times, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the casters are becoming more and more refined, more and more small and exquisite, and there are more and more environments that can be used. No matter how harsh the environment is, there are casters suitable for it.

Stainless steel casters have a wide range of applications in many industries. Compared to other things, they have special properties and are applicable in a wide range. Such products are in huge demand in the market and their development has been growing in recent years.

Sooner, it could also be used for transport operations, including the use of some combination equipment. Products that seem simple and ordinary are actually extraordinary. In the current industrial field, other industries have responded well and there is no shortage of applications in many places.


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