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Installation and performance of heavy duty custom casters


LPHY Is a manufacturer that produces and processes heavy-duty caster wheels, plastic casters, and other furniture

Heavy duty casters feature the ability to carry a lot of weight for short distance transport. You can also choose casters of different materials and load-bearing capacities according to user needs. Heavy duty casters have a choice of two different bearings, which are very convenient and easy to use.

The most important thing in choosing this heavy duty caster product is its flexibility, load capacity, temperature and other purchase constraints. We must pay attention when buying.

The wear resistance of heavy-duty casters is usually dozens of times that of ordinary rubber, especially under the conditions of water, oil and other wetting media.

Although metal materials (such as steel) are very hard, they are not necessarily worn. For example, after a large number of sediment erosion protection of metal rings and rings of large-scale water pumps in the Yellow River Irrigation District, there is no serious wear and water leakage for hundreds of hours. Open-loop and ring protection are used The coated polyurethane elastomer 1800 also wears continuous operation, so the polyurethane heavy duty casters have certain advantages in wear resistance.

In general, heavy duty casters can damage casters or equipment at high speeds or cause heavy weight on uneven and uneven roads. Therefore, brackets and fasteners should be inspected regularly.

Tighten loose shafts and nuts and inspect for damage to welds or support plates. Overloading or impact will cause the bracket to deform. Deformed brackets can tip heavy objects on each caster, causing premature caster failure.

For general pin casters, the nut should be tightened or tightened, the equipment bracket should not be bent, and the pin should be properly installed. When assembling casters, lock nuts or lock washers should be used. The expansion plunger assembly must ensure that the connecting rod is securely installed in the housing.


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