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Various technical requirements for the production and processing of medium-sized casters


Various technical requirements for the production and processing of medium-sized casters

The technical requirement is to summarize the medium-sized caster before production and processing, which is an important indicator to improve the quality of the medium-sized caster during normal production. Quality reduces defective products; of course, different parts have different technical requirements for their technical requirements, and reasonable technical requirements are the most basic guarantee, and now caster manufacturers follow the GBT standard to implement, which also regulates the technical requirements of medium-sized casters , which also improves universality.

1. Appearance technical requirements:

1. All parts should not have defects that affect the use, and the surface of metal parts should take effective measures to prevent corrosion.

2. The surface of the parts should be uniform in color;

2. Assembly technical requirements:

1. The rotating parts (wheels, brackets) should rotate flexibly, without sticking and loosening;

2. The wheel assembly should be firm, and the axle should not rotate with the wheel;

3. The braking device for braking medium-sized casters should have reliable performance;

4. The bracket steering clearance should be 0.1mm-0.2mm;

5. The main dimensions of medium-sized casters should comply with GBT regulations;

3. Technical requirements for wheel runout:

The circular runout tolerance of the end face is 1.0% of the wheel diameter D, and the radial circular runout tolerance is 0.5% of the wheel diameter D;

4. Technical requirements for overload capacity:

The residual deformation of the wheel diameter D after the overload test shall meet the requirements of the following table

5. Technical requirements for static pressure resistance:

The medium-sized casters shall maintain the following properties after the static pressure resistance test:

1. The rotating parts rotate flexibly, without sticking and loosening;

2. The axle does not rotate, and there is no deformation that affects the rotation of the wheel;

6. Technical requirements for walking performance:

Under the test conditions, the medium-sized casters or wheels shall meet the following requirements after crossing 500 obstacles on the walking test machine:

1. Tire material cracks, local excessive wear of the peeling machine;

2. There is no abnormal damage and deformation affecting the use of the parts of the medium-sized caster;

3. The bearing (sleeve) rotates normally without jamming and loosening;


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