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Correct maintenance and repair methods of casters


In order to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, casters have been used as a necessities for industrial matching. However, over time, the casters will inevitably be damaged. Faced with this situation, how to repair and maintain industrial casters?

Wheel maintenance

Check the wheels for wear.

The poor rolling of the wheel is related to the sundries such as thin lines and ropes. The anti-wrap cover can effectively cover the surrounding of these sundries.

Casters that are too loose or too tight are another factor, replace broken wheels to avoid rolling instability.

After viewing and replacing the wheel, make sure the axle is tightened with the lockwasher and nut. Because a loose axle can cause the wheel width to rub against the bracket and get stuck, care should be taken to have a replacement wheel and bearing ready at all times to avoid downtime and loss.

Bracket and Fastener Inspection

If the movable diverter is too loose, the bracket must be replaced immediately.

If the center rivet of the caster is held in place by a nut, it must be ensured that it is closed tightly and securely. If the movable diverter does not turn freely, check the balls for corrosion or dirt. If the equipment has fixed casters, it must be ensured that the caster brackets are not bent.

Tighten loose shafts and nuts and inspect for damage to welds or support plates. When installing casters, lock nuts or lock washers should be used. The installation of expansion casters should ensure that the casters are firmly installed in the casing.

Lubricant Maintenance

If lubricating oil is added regularly, the wheels and movable bearings can be used normally for a long time. Apply grease to the friction parts of shafts, seals and roller bearings to reduce friction and make rolling more active.

Under normal circumstances, lubrication should be carried out every six months.

The car should be lubricated after cleaning the wheels every month.


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