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There are three factors that need to be modified in the manufacture of medium-duty casters


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Historically, the manufacture of industrial medium-duty casters has combined forging, casting, stamping, and welding processes. There are no changes to the key components in the manufacturing process, some of which have been developed with changes in modern manufacturing techniques. The key components of the forged and cast industrial medium-duty casters and wheels have not changed significantly over the past 50 years.

For many manufactured products, the same size and shape are completely unchanged during these processes. A significantly changed part of the manufacture of industrial medium-duty casters is the manufacture of the caster rig, which is the body of the caster. In the past rigs were manufactured with stampings as standard components, forgings of rotating parts or welded to each other.

Industrial medium-sized casters are more and more widely used in the current industrial system, but the development of my country's industrial medium-sized casters has been several decades after the reform and opening up. socioeconomic development.

First of all, industrial medium-sized casters are often used in factories or machinery and equipment, and in the transportation industry, with good directionality and flexibility. Secondly, the reform and opening up has achieved the rapid development of my country's economy, and it has also achieved the rapid development of the transportation industry. The industrial medium-sized caster industry is an industry tied to transportation, and it has naturally become an era of rapid development of the medium-sized caster industry.

Moreover, medium-sized casters are not only a major industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood, but also play a pivotal role in modern national defense, such as aircraft medium-sized casters, gliding medium-sized casters and so on.

The manufacture of medium-duty casters to a new level has completely changed the motivation for the manufacture of medium-duty casters, and the following three areas are the directions for improvement in production:

1) Increase the intensity

2) Improve quality

3) The final product that shortens the production time.


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