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Industrial caster manufacturers on the distinction between heavy-duty caster double brake and side brake


Wheel diameter selection of heavy-duty casters: according to the larger the wheel diameter, the more flexible the rotation method is. Casters, overweight casters can choose 16-inch and 18-inch wheels. Perhaps, heavy-duty casters with specific specifications can also be customized, for example, low-center heavy-duty casters, small 2-inch casters, and they can also carry weights over 360kg.

The heavy-duty caster brake is a kind of caster parts. Its main function is to use the caster brake when the caster is to be stationary and the caster needs to be fixed and positioned.

Generally speaking, casters can be equipped with brakes or without brakes. In both cases, casters can be used normally. Note that different brakes should be equipped according to the specific use and requirements of customers.

Heavy-duty caster brakes are different under different conditions. For example, full brakes are often called double brakes and side brakes are different. Under the condition of double brakes, the casters must be locked whether the wheels are rotated or the bead plate is rotated. Under the condition of double brakes, it is impossible to move objects and adjust the rotation direction.

The side brake only locks the rotation of the wheel, and it is not easy to lock the rotation position of the bead plate, so the caster can adjust the position under this condition.

Double brake: It can not only lock the wheel to move, but also fix the dial to rotate. Side brake: A device installed on the wheel sleeve or the surface of the wheel, which can be operated by hand or foot. The operation is to step on it. The wheel cannot be rotated, but it can be steered.

There are many types of double brakes and side brakes. Commonly used are nylon double brakes and metal brakes, but they have one thing in common, that is, the fixed wheel is not easy to rotate to prevent continued sliding. Therefore, the choice of caster brakes depends on your specific usage conditions.

Different environments have different designs for caster brakes, and may have different effects. We need to understand it, then use it, and only by making judgments and choices can we be more accurate.


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