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The classification and application of castersThe caster manufacturers tell you


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Caster manufacturers classify casters into two categories:

1. A fixed caster: A fixed bracket with a single wheel can only move in a straight line.

Second, the other is the universal caster: the 360-degree steering bracket is equipped with a single wheel, which can drive in any direction.

The caster manufacturer considers the caster installation height: the vertical distance from the ground to the installation location of the equipment.

The height of the caster is the large vertical distance between the bottom of the caster and the wheel, and the steering center distance of the caster bracket is the horizontal distance from the vertical line of the center rivet to the center of the wheel center.

The selection of casters should be based on the conditions of the site, the bearing capacity, and the flexibility of rotation. Only in this way can you choose a caster suitable for your own tools. The structure of the caster is composed of a single wheel installed under the bracket, which is installed under the equipment to move freely.

A caster is a type of non-drive, using a single wheel, or two wheels, or a combination of more wheels, for installation under a larger object (this object, we usually define as "car"), So that the object can be moved easily.

For the wheels of casters, rubber wheels, cast iron wheels, polyurethane wheels, nylon plastic wheels, stainless steel wheels, phenolic resin wheels and other materials are often used. Casters are widely used, including warehousing and logistics, supermarket shopping carts, furniture and other equipment, and heavy-duty casters are also used in platform trucks, trolleys, containers and other equipment. Generally speaking, casters require a flat surface for the working environment so that they can operate flexibly.

Of course, with the development of society and higher requirements for working equipment, caster manufacturers have also designed more special solutions, such as shock-absorbing casters, V-shaped casters, etc.

The caster manufacturer briefly introduces the components of the caster: 1. Anti-winding cover: It is used to avoid the gap between the axle and the bracket and the wheel with other materials, so that the wheel can rotate freely. 2. Sealing ring: prevent the steering bearing or single wheel bearing from entering dust, maintain its lubricity and facilitate rotation. 3. Steering lock: By locking the spring bolt on the steering bearing (four or two locks), the movable caster can be locked as a fixed caster.

4. Single-wheel brake: a brake device that is installed on the surface of the wheel bushing or tire and operated by hand or foot. 5. Full brake: a brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheels. 6. Support frame: a device installed under the transportation tool to make it fixed in a certain position.

Miscellaneous: Including steering arms, levers, rubber bumpers, lock pads, and other purpose-specific parts.


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