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What materials are the wheels of the universal wheel usually made of?


What materials are the wheels of the universal wheel usually made of?

The universal caster is the so-called movable caster. Its structure allows for 360-degree horizontal rotation. Caster is a generic term

Including movable casters and fixed casters.

Fixed casters have no rotating structure and can only rotate vertically, but not horizontally. Casters are often used together. For example, a trolley is constructed with two fixed wheels at the front and two movable swivel wheels at the rear, near the push handle.

The advantages of the universal wheel are wide load range, wear resistance, impact resistance, high/low temperature resistance, heavy load, electrical conductivity, anti-static, anti-aging, shock resistance, corrosion resistance and low noise.

There are many kinds of materials for the universal wheel, and the commonly used materials are: nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and other materials. Widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, warehousing, turnover vehicles, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electromechanical, dust-free workshops, production lines, large supermarkets, etc. industry and various fields.

There are a wide variety of single wheels for industrial casters, which vary in size, model, tire tread, etc. The accessories of industrial casters mainly include the following aspects: 

Anti-winding cover: It is used to avoid wrapping the gap between the axle and the bracket and the wheel with other materials, so that the wheel can rotate freely. 

Sealing ring: prevent the steering bearing or single wheel bearing from entering dust, keep its lubricity and facilitate rotation.

 Steering lock: By locking the spring latch on the steering bearing (four-position or two-position locking), the movable caster can be locked as a fixed caster. 

Single-wheel brake: a brake device installed on the surface of the wheel bush or tire and operated by hand or foot. Full brake: a brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheels.

Bracket: A device installed under a conveyance to hold it in place. 

Miscellaneous: Including steering arms, levers, rubber bumpers, lock pads, and other purpose-specific parts.


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